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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


So i got £10 HMV voucher for Christmas. With it bought 'Factory Girl', the film with Sienna Miller documenting the life of one of Andy Warhols' muses Edie Sedgwick. Its actually really good and quite interesting, Miller portraying the very troubled and very drugged up Sedgwick magnificently.

In the film, we are introduced to some of Andy Warhol's films that he often did with the aid of his friends in his studio. or as it was better known, 'The Factory'. I didn't even know Warhol did films! As I gather, they were very art house and often didn't make any sense or prove a point,. A quick gander over to YouTube and you can see one of the films recreated in the film; Vinyl. In the footage, you can clearly see Sedgwick sitting in the far right hand corner smoking and dancing. I also find the man laughing quite haunting.

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